School council tips

Planning your project

Every project starts with an idea. Good school councillors, like Members of Parliament, work hard to collect ideas from everyone.

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Creating a project (PDF 319KB)

Next it is important to plan out who is going to do what and when.

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You may also want to use our helpful planning a project resource:

Planning A Project Part one (PDF 221KB)
Planning A Project Part two (PDF 361KB)
Instructions for completing 'Planning A Project Part two' (PDF 304KB)
Buzzwords worksheet (PDF 35KB)

Getting people involved in your project

Telling people about what you are doing helps others get involved in, and support, your project.

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Press Release (PDF 220KB)

How to become a really good school council rep

This useful school council rep toolkit has been created by student voice experts Involver. Print out, fold and stick the pages together to create a booklet guide.

Reps toolkit (PDF 1.2MB)